Why give unstyled and tailwind versions?

Tailwind is very powerful styling tool today.

It's atomic styles pattern along with easy to remember classnames makes styling a very simple task. You just write html classnames and that's it.

Other important reasons why we give tailwind styles is because

  1. It doesn't add any performance overhead to your webapps. Your webapps continue to be as fast as ever because unlike other popular CSS in JS solutions like Styled components, tailwind css has no runtime. It is all computed at build time and is very performant.
  2. It doesn't really come in the way of you using other styling libraries. You can use your favorite styling libraries across the globe and still continue to use tailwind (or not). At the end of the day, tailwind is just classnames.
  3. With the advent of AI tools such as ChatGPT, styling with tailwind has become easier than ever.

Finally, we also provide unstyled versions to users because every SAAS is different and has its own brand and if you don't need our styling, you can just use our unstyled components.