4. (Alternatively) Create stripe products directly in Stripe

  1. With the dev server running, go to the stripe developers -> webhooks section. The steps are the same as in the previous section. However instead of listening to the events locally and triggering fake events, we will create the products directly in Stripe.
  2. Run a service like ngrok to expose your localhost to the internet. Grab the URL. (e.g. https://12345678.ngrok.io)
  3. Create a webhook endpoint and set the url to your ngrok url. (e.g. https://12345678.ngrok.io/api/stripe/webhooks). Select all events.

Make sure that ` All events ` are forwared to our webhook listener. (Select the checkbox suggesting to select all events).

Start creating products

Now create a couple of Products in Stripe, also make sure to create prices for each of the products.

Our database will automatically stay in sync with Stripe and create the necessary rows in the database.

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