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Nextbase is a powerful Next.js Supabase SaaS starter kit.
Start your SaaS with authentication, payments, organizations, edge functions, admin panel, blog, feedback collection, changelog, roadmap and more.

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Launch your SaaS in just a few days 🚀

Because Nextbase comes with authentication, payments and just about everything you need to build your next SaaS, you can just focus on building your product.

Built in user authentication system

Nextbase supports a wide range of authentication providers such as Google, GitHub, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Discord and many more. It also provides the flexibility for users to sign in with their email and password or even just with their email. The built-in functionality includes features like forgot password and updating email, making it a comprehensive user authentication system.

Built in user authentication system


We built Nextbase with the goal of making it easy for you to build your next SaaS. We focus on the minor details so you won't have to.

  • Authentication

    All Versions

    Nextbase comes with a built-in authentication system with support to third-party providers like Firebase, AuthO, etc

  • Social Logins

    All Versions
    Social Logins

    Supports social logins like Apple,Google, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Linkedin, Github, BitBucket, Azure and more.

  • MDX Blog

    Ultimate only
    MDX Blog

    Nextbase comes with a pre-built MDX blog that you can use to write articles on /blog route.

  • Pre-built components

    All Versions
    Pre-built components

    Comes with a set of pre-built components that you can use to build your application. You can also create custom components.

  • Edge Functions

    All Versions
    Edge Functions

    Includes pre-built edge functions for app development and allows custom functions in Next.js and Supabase. Supports Github actions.

  • User settings

    All Versions
    User settings

    Nextbase includes an integrated user settings page and allows you to create your own custom user settings page

  • Upload Media

    All Versions
    Upload Media

    Nextbase comes with a built-in upload media functions and hooks that allows you to upload media.

  • Storage Security

    All Versions
    Storage Security

    The Storage buckets on Supabase are secured with Row Level Security (RLS) built in. You can also create your own policies.

  • Invite team members

    Pro & Ultimate
    Invite team members

    Nextbase makes it easy for you to invite team members to your projects, thanks to the built-in invite system.

  • Projects

    Pro & Ultimate

    Projects can be used to organize your end users' work. You can define projects as anything depending on your core product.

  • Project settings

    Pro & Ultimate
    Project settings

    Team members can modify settings of projects they are part of. Projects also come with Row Level Security (RLS) built in.

  • Application Admin Panel

    Pro & Ultimate
    Application Admin Panel

    Besides Supabase Admin Dashboard, Nextbase also comes with its own Admin Panel. Manage users, projects, debug application, and more.

  • Impersonate User

    Pro & Ultimate
    Impersonate User

    When a user reports a difficult bug, you can debug by impersonating the user, ideal for hard-to-reproduce bugs.

  • Changelog

    Ultimate only

    Nextbase includes a ready-to-use changelog system, enabling you to effortlessly communicate updates and improvements to your users.

  • Low code DB Management

    All Versions
    Low code DB Management

    Supabase comes with a low code database management system for creating tables, columns, relationships, and more.

  • Row Level Security

    All Versions
    Row Level Security

    Row Level Security (RLS) is a powerful feature that allows you to control who can access which data. You can also create policies.

  • Secure Admin Functions

    Pro & Ultimate
    Secure Admin Functions

    Admin functions are secured with permissions. You can create policies that allow you to control who can access which functions.

  • Integration and Unit Tests

    All Versions
    Integration and Unit Tests

    Integration tests are configured with Playwright and Unit tests with Vitest. But you can change both of them. You can also write end to end tests.

  • Subscriptions and Payments

    All Versions
    Subscriptions and Payments

    Stripe is pre-configured. Projects can be configured to have subscriptions and payments. Can manage them in the project settings area.

  • Lifetime Updates

    All Versions
    Lifetime Updates

    Get access to lifetime updates and new features forever. Nextbase will keep improving and you dont have to worry about upgrading.

  • Clear Documentation

    Pro & Ultimate
    Clear Documentation

    Nextbase comes with clean and simple to follow documentation. If you find anything missing, however, please reach out to us and will improve the docs!

  • Clean Typesafe codebase

    All Versions
    Clean Typesafe codebase

    Nextbase, written in Typescript, ensures type safety to minimize bugs. It also features an auto-updating Supabase Type generator for seamless table changes.

  • Server Side Rendering

    All Versions
    Server Side Rendering

    Nextbase comes with server-side rendering for speed and SEO. Includes configured Server Components and Layouts for reusability and optimized data-fetching.

  • React Query setup built-in

    All Versions
    React Query setup built-in

    Nextbase has React Query pre-configured for data fetching and caching. We love React Query but you can also use any other library you want

  • Feedback Collection

    Ultimate only
    Feedback Collection

    Nextbase comes with a pre-built feedback collection system that you can use to collect feedback from your users.


Here are some of our customers who are growing their businesses with NextBase.

What our customers
say about Nextbase

Nextbase is built for scale. Whether you are building a small app or an app to serve millions of users, Nextbase has all the tools you need.

“Nextbase has been an invaluable resource for my SaaS business. The seamless integration with Stripe and Next.js has saved me countless hours of development time and allowed me to focus on growing my business. I highly recommend giving it a try!”

Nikhil Daga


“Nextbase makes starting a new SaaS project a breeze. Organisations , teams and projects along with Stripe billing integration makes it one of my best investments. Very happy with Nextbase. Highly recommend.”

Sandeep Acharya

Building RemoteFront and DocsWrite

“I have used several different boilerplates for my SaaS projects in the past, but Nextbase is by far the best. The integration with Stripe and Next.js was a breeze, and the support from the team has been top-notch. I highly recommend giving it a try!”

Jayaa Bharadwaj

Building JolyAI

“I was able to get my SaaS project up and running in just a few minutes thanks to Nextbase. The integration with Next.js and Supabase made it easy to create a professional and scalable platform. Highly recommend!”

Anvesh Checka

Senior Fullstack Engineer

“I have been extremely impressed with the capabilities of Nextbase. The integration with Next.js and Supabase has made it easy to build a scalable and reliable platform, and the premium features have been well worth the investment. Highly recommend giving it a try!”


Senior Fullstack Engineer

“Today we bought useNextBase (saas boilerplat) from Bhargav. I'm just loving it. Thanks Bhargav for such an amazing product!”

Bilal K.

Software engineer

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