Super quick dev setup

This guide covers the basic setup for Supabase and Next.js.

For integrating Stripe, refer to the comprehensive setup guide.

1. Clone the repository and install dependencies:


This command installs all necessary dependencies.

2. Copy .env.local.example

Duplicate the .env.local.example file at the project root as .env.local.

3. Launch Supabase locally:

Note: Ensure Docker is installed on your system. Visit Docker's documentation for installation details.

pnpm supabase start

4. Start the App by running the following command:

pnpm dev

You're all set! The app should now be accessible at http://localhost:3000. Stripe and pricing aren't configured yet, but you can start building your app with Supabase and Next.js.

(Optional) Setting up Stripe locally

To set up Stripe locally, refer to the comprehensive setup guide.