Application Admin Panel

The Application Admin Panel in Nextbase is a powerful feature that allows you to manage various aspects of your application. It's included in the Pro and Ultimate variants of Nextbase.

Key Features

User Impersonation: This powerful debugging feature allows you to impersonate any user in your app and see what they see. This is a great way to debug issues that your users are facing.

Login Links: The admin panel provides the ability to send login links to users, in case they are having trouble logging in.

Stripe Metrics: The admin panel integrates with Stripe, allowing you to view key metrics such as Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) directly from the panel.

Blog Writer: Included in the Ultimate variant, this feature allows you to create and manage blog posts directly from the admin panel. These blogposts will be displayed on your application's /blog page.

Feedback Manager: This feature allows you to collect and manage user feedback, helping you to continuously improve your application based on user needs and experiences.

Changelog Manager: Keep your users informed about updates and improvements with the changelog manager. This feature allows you to create and manage entries in your application's changelog.

Roadmap Manager: Share your plans for future updates and improvements with your users. The roadmap manager allows you to create and manage your application's development roadmap. The roadmap will be displayed on your application's /roadmap page.

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