Integrated Stripe Payments

Integrated Stripe Payments is a crucial feature included in all variants of the Nextbase SaaS Boilerplate. It allows you to start accepting payments right away, without the need to set up a payment gateway or deal with Stripe APIs.

Convenience and Efficiency

Setting up a payment system from scratch can be time-consuming and complex. With Nextbase's pre-configured Stripe integration, you can start accepting payments immediately, saving you significant time and effort.

Organization-Based Billing

Nextbase comes with organization-based Stripe billing pre-configured. This means that payments are linked to organizations, not individual users. This model is more convenient and efficient for SaaS applications, as it allows for easy management of team subscriptions and billing. It also makes it easy to transfer ownership of an organization to another user.

If you want to use user-based billing, you can still do this with organization-based billing, just by creating 1 organization for each user and change your UI to reflect this.

Secure and Reliable

Stripe is a leading online payment processing platform, known for its security and reliability. By integrating Stripe, Nextbase ensures that your payment processing is secure, reliable, and compliant with industry standards.

Never waste time on building
boring web pages again

Build your next SaaS project with a modern stack of Next.js 14+, Supabase, Stripe and Typescript, and save 4+ months of development time ~ $18000