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User Impersonation

User impersonation is a powerful debugging feature included in the Nextbase SaaS Boilerplate. It allows you to impersonate any user in your application and see what they see, and even perform actions as the user.

Some bugs are hard to reproduce

When users report issues they are facing with your application, it can sometimes be difficult to understand and reproduce the problem. This is especially true if the issue is related to the user's specific data or settings.

The Solution

User impersonation solves this problem by allowing you to view the application from the user's perspective. By impersonating a user, you can see exactly what they see and perform actions as if you were the user. This makes it easier to understand the problem and find a solution.

How It Works

To impersonate a user, you simply select the user from the admin panel. The application will then reload with you logged in as the selected user. You can navigate through the application, view data, and perform actions just like the user would.

User impersonation is a valuable tool for debugging and resolving user-reported issues. It allows you to quickly understand and reproduce problems, leading to faster resolution times and improved user satisfaction.

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